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2013-11-08 Lace Dream
2014-01-22 Porcelain
2014-05-05 That Friday Feeling
2014-11-01 Something Else
2015-01-28 Prophecy Girl
2015-05-27 Hush
2015-08-30 English Rose
2015-11-26 Once More With Feeling
2016-01-26 This Year's Girl
2016-03-29 I'll Never Tell
2016-09-27 The Replacement
2017-08-19 Same Time, Same Place
2017-12-11 Something Blue
2018-04-01 The Dream
2018-06-15 Come Together
2018-08-21 Lie To Me
2018-12-03 Crush
2019-07-13 Living Conditions
2019-10-01 Seeing Red
2020-01-01 It Could Be Bunnies

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