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2014-11-22 Into The Light
2015-03-13 Serenity
2015-07-22 Check Yourself
2015-07-22 Press Start To Play
2015-08-05 Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
2016-01-09 Sailor Scouts
2016-01-12 Bubble Butt
2017-02-18 Pizza Pool Princess
2017-04-16 My Milkshake
2017-10-30 Slasher Slumber Party
2017-10-31 Treat Or Trick
2018-05-11 Blue Dream
2018-08-11 Sirenita
2018-10-31 MURDER! at SG Manor Part 1
2018-10-31 MURDER! at SG Manor The Conclusion
2018-11-23 Slumber Party Panic
2018-12-05 Prisme Lunaire
2019-02-11 Centerpiece
2019-05-17 Lucid
2019-06-03 Euphoria
2019-07-19 Summer Splash
2019-08-07 Lumineux
2019-08-24 Girl Next Door
2019-10-19 As If
2019-10-30 Minou Minou
2020-01-16 Ethereal
2020-02-26 Envie
2021-02-21 Hiatus

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